Organic hemp protein powder


Pure, raw Lithuanian grown hemp protein powder with 50% protein concentration. Powder contains a complete amino acid protein profile. No artificial flavors or additives, just hemp seed.

  • 100% ORGANIC & NON-GMO
  • RICH IN OMEGA 6 & 3

Before and after opening hemp powder must be kept in constant temperature away from heat sources, to save precious Omegas.

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Hemp protein is so popular because it is a complete vegetable-based protein, is gluten-free, contains fiber, and is processed naturally using no chemical procedures. Hemp protein powder is defatted hemp seed cake (the bi-product of cold-pressing for hemp seed oil) milled and sifted through various screens resulting in a final product with up to 50% protein concentration. There are no other additives or flavors added to final product. Hemp protein is naturally complete, so it is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone who is looking to reduce the meat content of their diet.  It is easy to digest making it a great choice for sensitive diets. Hemp protein powder has quite low carbohydrate levels and contains very low sugar.

Use for: hemp protein shakes with your favorite beverage, juice, or milkshake. It perfectly fits to use after morning exercise or in the evening when running low on energy.

Nutrition facts: (per 100g of hemp protein powder)
Energy value/Calories 1624kj/385kcal
Proteins total* 50g
Carbohydrate total 26,56g
Sugar 2,07g
Fat total 11,2g
Saturated 1,98g
Polyunsaturated 8,22g
Omega 3 18,42%
Omega 6 54,96%
Monounsaturated 1,09g
Salt 0,02 g

Country of Origin: EU, Lithuania

Manufacture process and quality assurance:
Hemp protein is made from gently cold-pressed raw hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are harvested in family farm in Lithuania. Hemp seed quality is controlled from sowing to harvesting ensuring that no pesticides or herbicides are used during growth and seeds are well prepared for quality hemp protein production. Before delivering products to market, samples of products are examined in EU certified laboratory to ensure quality. All this and more is done to ensure that product reached you fresh and best quality.