We have participated in the Kaziukas Fair

This is the second year when we participated in Kaziukas Fair in Vilnius.

This is the traditional Lithuanian Fair, where folk artists, craftsmen present their impressive works. We introduced and sold our hemp products (oil, shelled and not shelled seeds, protein) and presented the ways how to use our products.  Also, we received amazing customer offers, which must try. We will notify you about it.

1-1-1024x1024 (kanapiu baltymai, kanapiu aliejus, kanapiu proteinas) 2-1024x1024 (kanapiu baltymai, kanapiu aliejus, kanapiu proteinas)

We are glad that this year we were able to present ourselves with the increased brand, range and excellent product quality. We received excellent feedback! Thank you for your quick and very useful feedback. This encourages us to improve, to experiment and not be afraid to look for the best deal.

We will meet again next year in the Kaziukas Fair!

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